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Many issues common in therapy become even harder when experienced far away from home. It is not easy to know where to turn to when problems begin to amount. 

Our therapy is based on Solution Focused Brief Therapy

First visit is free of charge. Therapy consists of three, seven or fifteen meetings in Munkkiniemi Helsinki. 


Customer recommendation:

As a successful, confident entrepreneur, I went to Terapiatalo wanting to turn mental health into a habit, and focus on consciously becoming the best boss, partner, friend, father and man I can be.

Visiting a therapist can be a bit like visiting the dentist: as a healthy responsible adult who even flosses occasionally, we'd really rather put it off until "later"…

My therapist's solution focused approach was exactly the kind of replacement for "later" I was looking for today — not a passive listener, or panacea; but a challenging, intelligent, experienced mental health professional with the toolkit to inspire, direct, and even enhance the brand of "me" I want to be.

Man 30+

Payment by installments.

First visit 50 min, 0 €
3 sessions á 60 min 372 € (incl. VAT)
7 sessions á 60 min 868 € (incl. VAT) 
15 sessions á 60 min 1860 € (incl. VAT)

Rates with Silva Hatakka negotiated separately.


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